Tuesday, November 8

Free Web-based Instant Messaging Application

Some of you use instant messaging (AIM, MSN, Yahoo! IM, ICQ, etc.). And if you're like me, you're sometimes at a computer that isn't yours and doesn't have it installed. Well this tool solves that problem. It's way cool.

Meebo Posted by Picasa

Meebo allows you to chat on any of the major IM networks through a web browser. If you're interested, I'll let out my inner geek and tell you it uses a technology called AJAX. You'll be seeing more and more of it as many websites and web applications are using it. Microsoft has AJAX built into much of the functionality of Vista, its next version of Windows (more on that later).

Anywho, with Meebo, there's no registration required. Just sign into your IM account as you normally would. Try it out.

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