Tuesday, July 18

10 Cool Websites You Want to Share

Figured I'd try a meme for today's post. I got this one at Yanowhatimean by way of The Daily Meme.

My 10 sites (not in any particular order):
Lifehacker - great tips for getting the most out of the Interweb
Pandora - create your own web radio station, great for discovering new music and bands
YouTube - it's becoming cliche, but can be great fun when you have some time to kill
Listible - good lists for almost any topic
Wikipedia - while I would never swear by it, it's a quick source to learn about almost any subject
Bloglines - great web-based RSS reader to manage all your feeds
Springwise - new business ideas for entrepreneurial people
FatWallet - decent deals and coupon codes, got me a better discount on a PC than I could get through my employer
Streamload - 25GB of FREE online file storage
Technorati - great for searching the blogosphere

Please share your sites in the comments.


Unknown said...

How could you forget Freeple.com ??

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your posts, big bro. Give my regards to Kerry, Ethan, and Sophia.


Anonymous said...

I like your 10 sites! Perhaps you would enjoy itsCasa.com too. I made it my homepage. Thanks for the Great posts and keep it up!