Wednesday, March 1

Happy March 1st

So, Kerry's at church on Sunday with the kids and our seven-year old niece, Caroline. The priest usually invites the children of the congregation to join him up front during the homily, and Ethan and Caroline go up.

The priest begins by explaining to the kids that Wednesday is a very important day for the Church.

Priest: Do any of you children know what the special day is?

Boy: (blurt) March 1st!!

Congregation: (bursts out in laughter)

Priest: Well, you're right it is March 1st. Does anyone know what the special day is for the Church?

Children: (blank stares)

Anyhow, the priest goes on to explain Ash Wednesday and how it's the beginning of Lent. At the end of the homily, he asks the kids to return to their seats. Ethan and Caroline come back to the pew.

Caroline: (to Kerry) Wasn't it funny when Ethan made the whole church laugh?

My father-in-law: (sitting in the pew in front of them, bursts out in laughter)

So, happy March 1st!

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