Wednesday, January 18

The every-man's stunt man

I saw this site that shows this new ad campaign for Bud Light - Ted Ferguson - Bud Light Daredevil. This campaign is a perfect example of the trend of TV ads beginning to mirror the look and feel of the DIY videos that have been propagating the net on many of the video file-sharing sites like YouTube and ClipShack (see previous post - Online video-sharing services). Funny stuff and pretty much right on target with the 21-45 male demographic.

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Anonymous said...

ok Bill as a Bud Light drinker I found the Ted Ferguson campaign dumb but I suppose if it supposed to target 21-45 male demographic that would explain why my boyfriend(age 54) and myself (50yr old female )thought it was stupid and were ready to give up Bud Light(although that didn't happen.)We both prefer the clydsdales Man I feel old!!!